All Ministries

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Join our choir in singing praises to our Lord! New members are always welcome. Saint Barbara's Choir is dedicated to proclaiming the hymns and enhancing the congregational experience of the Mass through song and worship.

Altar Servers

Join our youth in serving the Mass each Sunday.

Altar Servers have the special duty of service on the altar for Mass and other special occasions. Children are encouraged to participate in this rewarding ministry. All are welcome!

Lectors/ Commentators

Join our Lector Ministry and proclaim the Word at Mass each week. New readers are welcome! The purpose of this ministry is to proclaim the Word of God in a way that is reverent, informing and properly communicates the message clearly to the congregation. This ministry undertakes the duty of helping parishioners understand the Word and gives them a deeper relationship with the Word of God.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Join our Eucharistic Ministers in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to parishioners. These Extraordinary Ministers are sent forth by Christ to Catholics in our Faith Community. We will minister to the mind, body and spirit of homebound and hospitalized parishioners. In addition to this, we also assist the Priest while he serves at Liturgies.